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        The application of steel structure in Foshan

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        The steel structure in Foshan is one of the most important structural types, which is made up of steel beams, steel columns and steel trusses, etc. made of steel and steel. The steel structure of Foshan is characterized by high strength, light weight, good overall rigidity, strong deformability and wide use.
        The 1. roof system is composed of roof frame, structure OSB panel, waterproof layer, light roof tile (metal or asphalt tile) and related connectors.
        The wall of 2. light steel structure house is mainly composed of wall column, wall top beam, wall bottom beam, wall support, wall plate and connecting piece. The construction of light steel structure housing will generally be within the cross wall as bearing wall structure, wall columns for C shaped steel member, the wall thickness according to the load and decide, usually 0.84 ~ 2 mm, the wall column spacing is generally 400~600 mm, the wall structure of the light steel structure residential building layout, can be effective and reliable to bear the vertical load transfer, and convenient arrangement
        Compared with other construction, Foshan steel structure has advantages in use, design, construction and comprehensive economy. It is low in cost and can be moved at any time.
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