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        In the production of steel plant should be the main thing
         Recently, many of my friends are very concerned about the "steel structure" of the topic, can be said that the development of steel plant in the country has been very fast, but because of some technical and technological level differences, resu...
        What are the specific classification of steel structure workshop
        According to the main frame of steel structure workshop, it is generally divided into six categories   The portal steel structure workshop is called portal frame system for short. Its main axis is perpendicular to the horizontal plane, and a l...
        Is the method of the building structure more solid?
        The building structure is a kind of force system in the building, made of the building material, which can bear various pressure. According to different building materials, divided into concrete structure, masonry structure, steel structure, light st...
        how to do waterproof steel?
        We know that Foshan steel structure is a new type of building structure, the use of the current life is not fully popular. The most used in life or the traditional concrete building.Grid structure is mainly used in some large-scale construction, alth...
        What should we pay attention to in the design of steel structure workshop
        [advantages of steel structure workshop] the steel structure workshop has the advantages of light weight, high strength, large span and short construction period. All components can be processed in the factory to realize industrial production and sav...
        How to store steel structures?
        Steel structure is made of steel, so storage should be very important, then how to store steel structure? Foshan steel structure tells you:1. Can be stored in many places, such as open air, can also be placed in the warehouse, but must be flat, and h...
        Talk about the matters needing attention in Dongguan steel structure welding
        The construction of the city is inseparable from the material of steel structure, which is particularly particular in welding, and there are also welding differences in design and process. Therefore, today we will talk about the matters needing atten...
        How to reinforce the steel structure?
        The main method of Foshan steel reinforcement are:Lighten the load, the calculated change in graphics, increase the original structure and the strength of the connection member section to prevent crack propagation and so on. When mature experience, b...
        How to improve the installation accuracy of steel structure workshop
        In the construction industry, with the use of steel structure plant more and more popular, steel plant production, transportation and installation of technology more and more attention, but also by the rapid development and continuous improvement. Ho...
        steel construction norms basic provisions
        Guangzhou Steel tells you: steel construction norms basic provisions 1, Guangzhou steel construction units should have the appropriate construction qualification steel works and should have the safety, quality and environmental management systems.2,...
        What should be done before installing the steel structure grid?
        What should be done before installing the steel structure grid? The installation of steel structure grid is relatively different from the construction of traditional buildings. The installation of steel structure grid has high technical requirements...
        Seven construction processes of steel structure workshop
        The main process flow of steel structure plant construction is as follows: 1. Construction setting out. According to the design requirements and drawing requirements, use theodolite and level for positioning. After determining the axis and elevation...

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