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        How to reinforce the steel structure?

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        The main method of Foshan steel reinforcement are:
        Lighten the load, the calculated change in graphics, increase the original structure and the strength of the connection member section to prevent crack propagation and so on. When mature experience, but also use other reinforcement methods. Identified needs reinforcement steel, according to the scope of the damage is generally divided into partial reinforcement and comprehensive reinforcement.
        Local reinforcement is less than the carrying capacity of a connecting rod or nodes reinforcement, increased rod section method to reduce the length of the lever law and freedom of the connecting node reinforcement method.
        Is the comprehensive strengthening the overall structure reinforcement, there is no change in static structural reinforcement method computation graph and change the static structural reinforcement method computation graph types.
        Increase or strengthen the support system, but also an effective way of strengthening the structure of the system.
        Reinforcement of the original increase in the member section is the most expensive material of the most labor intensive methods (but often feasible method); changing the method of calculation diagram of the most effective and varied, and the cost is greatly reduced.

        Before determining reinforcement scheme, the following information should be collected
        1) built drawings of the original structure (including changes Figure) and inspection records.
        2) a copy of the report or the original material of the steel material inspection reports spot.
        3) the original structural member production, installation and inspection records.
        4) the structure of the original design calculations.
        5) Check the structure or component damage report.
        6) existing additional load data the actual loads and reinforcement.

        The main factor in Foshan Steel damage are:
        1) by the load change, extended service, standards and procedures changes result in inadequate bearing capacity of the structure;
        2) due to various accidents member deformed, twisted, disability, dents, etc., resulting in the member section weakened rod warping, cracking and other connections;
        3) the role of temperature difference caused by the connection member or deformation, cracking and warping;
        4) due to erosion and chemical corrosion and electrochemical corrosion of steel resulting in the member section weakened;
        5) Other, including design, manufacturing, construction and service turnovers period of illegal use and operation.

        Foshan steel reinforcement technique there are three:
        1) cross-section reinforcement method: partial or full length along with steel reinforcement member, are integrally connected together so that the force;
        2) changing the calculation diagram: adding additional support, adjust the load distribution, reduce the level of the internal forces of statically indeterminate structure bearing for forced displacement, reduce peak stress;
        3) prestressed cables: the use of high-strength structural weaknesses or cable reinforcement structure to improve the overall capacity, stiffness and stability degrees.
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