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        Talk about the matters needing attention in Dongguan steel structure welding

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        The construction of the city is inseparable from the material of steel structure, which is particularly particular in welding, and there are also welding differences in design and process. Therefore, today we will talk about the matters needing attention in its welding from two aspects.


        When welding on the former, pay attention to:

        1. The position of weldments shall be arranged reasonably, and the weld shall be symmetrical to the central axis of the member section as far as possible.

        2. The number of welds should be small and should not be too concentrated.

        3. The weld size shall be appropriate, and the thickness of the weld shall not be increased at will.

        4. Vertical crossing of two or three welds shall be avoided as far as possible, and shrinkage stress in the thickness direction of base metal shall be avoided as far as possible.


        The following points shall be paid attention to when welding on the latter:

        1. For small-size weldments, preheating before welding, tempering after welding, heating to about 600 degrees, and then cooling slowly can eliminate welding stress and welding deformation.

        2. Reasonable welding sequence shall be adopted, such as sectional back welding, layered welding and diagonal skip welding of I-shaped section.

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