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        What are the specific classification of steel structure workshop

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        According to the main frame of steel structure workshop, it is generally divided into six categories


        The portal steel structure workshop is called portal frame system for short. Its main axis is perpendicular to the horizontal plane, and a large-diameter herringbone structure platform clamping element is adopted. This kind of engineering is of great significance for processing large and simple machines with large and small radial dimensions.


        2. The single span frame steel structure workshop generally adopts multi family single span frame, such as four position horizontal transposition tool rest or multi position rotary table active transposition beam rest.


        3. The layout of double turret of double span steel structure workshop is parallel or vertical.


        4 horizontal steel structure workshop horizontal steel structure workshop is divided into steel structure horizontal workshop and steel structure inclined rail horizontal workshop. The inclined rail structure makes the workshop more rigid and easy to remove chips.


        The center type steel structure workshop is equipped with common tailstock or steel tailstock, which is suitable for turning large diameter long machine and plate machine.


        6 chuck type steel structure workshop chuck type steel structure workshop without tailstock is suitable for turning (including short shaft) machine tools. The clamping form is mostly automatic or hydraulic control, and the chuck structure has adjustable claw or no quenching claw (soft claw).

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