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        How much is the cost difference between cement and steel structure?

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        In the past, reinforced concrete structure is very common in China's residential buildings, but in recent years, with the development of economy, steel structure is more and more used in various buildings. At the beginning, people drifted outside, worked hard and dreamed of returning to their hometown to build a small house and live a happy life. Now more and more people have realized this dream. So how are you going to build a house now? Is it cost-effective to use reinforced concrete structure or steel structure? What are their advantages and disadvantages? Let's see!



        First of all, it is necessary to determine whether you are eager to build a house. If not, you can choose reinforced concrete structure, because concrete pouring takes time, and steel binding also takes time, so the construction speed is slow; while steel structure construction is basically mechanized, factory prefabricated, on-site welding or bolt connection, with short construction period, saving time and cost.


        Secondly, we should consider the safety of the house. The design service life of steel structure is generally 70 years, and steel protection and paint maintenance are required regularly. High seismic grade, steel structure is best used in seismic zone. The design service life of concrete buildings is generally 50 years, and the seismic requirements are different in different regions, so the design will be adjusted, so there will be a little gap in the use of reinforcement.


        The last point is the cost of housing. The cost of reinforced concrete structure is lower than that of steel structure. However, with the growth of China's steel production, steel structure develops rapidly, and the price is more humanized than before.


        Therefore, the cost performance of steel structure building is high. If you want to build your own house quickly and cheaply, Foshan Shengbang steel structure is your best choice. We have a professional design team, one-to-one quality service and perfect after-sales service, so that you can build a house and live and work in peace and contentment! Welcome to consult~

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