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        In the production of steel plant should be the main thing

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         Recently, many of my friends are very concerned about the "steel structure" of the topic, can be said that the development of steel plant in the country has been very fast, but because of some technical and technological level differences, resulting in a lot of problems . To this end, today Xiaobian to tell you in the production of steel plant should be the main thing.
                  I believe the primary problem is the raw materials, in the transport and placement should be placed on the mat flat, not free to pile up, will result in material contamination, and even lead to deformation; The second is the technical installation problems, welding should pay attention to the edge and Stomata more imagined to appear, the size of the width of the welding edge to be consistent, to prevent the pollution of steel structure plant parts, because it is easy to rot and rust; the third is the steel assembly problems, components factory, steel, steel Beam centerline markings are not marked, quite common, so we must pay attention to the phenomenon of component misuse, it is best to be unified on the mark, because the non-professional people it is difficult to distinguish.
                 On the above issues, if you usually do not pay attention, it will be easy to follow up to cause some trouble, so the knowledge is very important, I hope you come to popularity.
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