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        Why steel stairs

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        Nowadays, more and more attention has been paid to the steel structure stairs in the style of home decoration, which has become a beautiful landscape in home decoration. In addition to meeting the actual function, we should also design it as a work of art.


        Welded steel structure stairs are famous for less fulcrum, high bearing capacity, more modeling and high technical content. It is not easily affected by columns, floors and other structures, so it is firm. The steel plate for welding stairs is welded accurately after debugging, and the pedals before and after installation are flat. All material fittings are horizontal and vertical. Welding materials of steel structure stairs include square pipe, round pipe, angle steel, channel steel, I-beam, etc. This style is more diversified.


        The main features of steel stairs include:


        1、 It covers a small area.


        2、 It's the beauty of shape. Steel structure stairs have U-shaped angle, 90 degree right angle, S-shaped 360 degree spiral and 180 degree spiral, with various shapes and beautiful lines.


        3、 It is practical. The steel wood structure adopts cast steel pipe fittings, including seamless steel pipe, flat steel and other steel frames.


        4、 It's colorful. There are various surface treatment processes for steel stairs, such as automatic electrostatic powder spraying (plastic spraying), full galvanizing or full baking paint treatment, with beautiful and durable appearance. Suitable for indoor or outdoor use. It can reflect the art of modern steel structure architecture.

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