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        How to choose a steel structure warehouse factory

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        Steel structure is mainly composed of steel materials and are one of the main types of building structures. The structure is mainly composed of steel beams, steel columns, steel trusses and other components made of section steel and steel plates, and welds, bolts or rivets are usually used between each component. Because of its light weight and simple construction, it is widely used in large warehouses, factories, venues, super high-rise and other fields.

        The steel structure application market is getting bigger and bigger, the competition is also increasing, and many customers are choosing more and more steel structure factories. But the market is complex, full of unknowns, people who do not pay attention to the dynamics of the steel structure industry are difficult to distinguish, which is good and which is bad, so the choice of steel structure factories is the reason for the annoyance of customers. Below, introduce how to choose a steel structure factory.
        First of all, pay attention to the design of steel structure engineering, the purpose of steel structure engineering design is to build a structure that can meet a variety of predetermined functional requirements: economical and reasonable, safe and suitable and quality assurance. The so-called structural functional requirements are as follows:
        (1) Security
        The structure can withstand the various effects that may occur during normal construction and use, as well as the necessary overall stability when and after the occurrence of accidental events specified in the design.
        (2) Applicability
        Under normal use loads, excessive deformations that affect normal use, etc.
        (3) Durability
        The structure has good working performance, to meet the normal use requirements, under normal maintenance, the structure has sufficient durability, such as no serious rust and thus affect the service life of the structure.

        Steel structure only to meet the above functional requirements can not be called a good steel structure factories, steel structure engineering also need to maintain the state of the structure under the limit state. Like other building structures, the limit state of steel structure is divided into the bearing capacity limit state and the normal use limit state.
        (1) The limit state of bearing capacity
        Refers to the limit state when a structure or component reaches its maximum load carrying capacity or deforms that are not suitable for continued bearing. These include overturning, strength failure, loss of stability, fatigue damage, structural changes to a motorized system, or excessive plastic deformation.
        (2) Normal use limit state
        Refers to the limit state of a structure or component when it reaches a specified limit for normal use or durability. When this limit is reached, although the structure or component still has the ability to continue to bear, the deformation generated under normal load has made the structure or member unsuitable for continued use, including excessive deformation and local damage under static load or violent vibration under dynamic load.

        As long as the above functional requirements and the requirements for the limit state are met, the design and production of such steel structure engineering is qualified, and the construction and installation of such steel structure factories are in line with the requirements.

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