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        What should we pay attention to when installing and using steel structure

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        With the rapid development of factory building in China, steel structure is more and more widely used. As we all know, the use of steel structure is very important for the construction of the plant. Therefore, the following matters must be paid attention to in the process of storage and installation to ensure the safe use of steel structure.


        1. Signs shall be set at the end of steel, indicating the specification, grade, quantity and material acceptance certificate number of steel;

        2. When stacking in the open air, the site should be flat, higher than the surrounding ground, and drainage ditches should be set around;

        3. When stacking, try to make the back of section steel face upward or outward to avoid snow and ponding. There should be height difference at both ends to facilitate drainage;

        4. Before installation, the construction unit shall carry out special inspection on the product certificate, design documents and pre assembly records of components, and review and record the dimensions of components;

        5. Appropriate connection mode should be adopted to make the joint design consistent with the simplified structural calculation model;

        6. When hoisting the steel structure, appropriate measures shall be taken to prevent excessive bending and torsion deformation, and cushion block shall be placed at the contact between the rope buckle and the component to prevent damage to the component;

        7. After the steel structure is hoisted in place, the supports and other connectors shall be fastened in time to ensure the stability of the structure;

        8. When using tools, workers working at height shall put spare parts into tool bags and shall not throw them up and down;

        9. When working in rainy days, reliable anti-skid measures should be taken, and attention should be paid to lightning protection in thunderstorm season;

        10. Before construction, the weather conditions are good, and no operation is allowed when the wind is above level 4.

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