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        The development trend of steel office buildings

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        The steel structure has high seismic performance, and there is no pollution, green, environmental protection, sustainable development, after 100 years of dismantling can also be reused, these have been recognized worldwide. From the perspective of steel office building structure, the all-steel structure can bring good seismic effect and is also one of the most important means of seismic resistance in office buildings. This type of building structure has long been widely used internationally.

        In the office building products emerge in an endless stream today, steel structure has become an important criterion for measuring whether an office building has top quality, and will also become the development trend of office building products in the future, so what advantages does steel structure have, so that today's office buildings and even urban buildings are favored? From the perspective of building weight, compared with the steel-concrete structure, the all-steel structure has its own weight, and the self-weight of the characteristic steel structure is generally about two-thirds or one-half of the steel-concrete structure; the light weight of the steel structure building will greatly reduce the seismic force to play a mitigated role, thereby protecting the stability of the entire building. From the perspective of building toughness, the toughness and elasticity of the all-steel structure office building are better, and when encountering an earthquake, it will produce a certain swing, which can effectively weaken the intensity of the earthquake and will not form a serious collapse; from the perspective of building span, the steel structure building has a large span of space super seismic resistance; in terms of water resistance, this kind of building has a strong waterproof performance, preventing rain from running back; from the use cost, it has good thermal insulation performance, can maintain indoor temperature for a long time, reduce the cost of refrigeration and heating, durable structural components can reduce maintenance costs to the minimum; from the fire performance point of view, because the maximum temperature that steel can withstand is 600 degrees, when it reaches and exceeds 600 degrees, it will melt, and the surface of the steel structure is coated with a fireproof layer, which can resist 3 hours of high temperature combustion, and the fire performance is extremely good.

        The superiority of steel office buildings, circular economy and sustainable development have been recognized by society and gradually expanded the scope of the market, but the support of national industrial policies and the attention of the competent departments are far from enough, the current national development force is very weak, independent innovation is poor, there are many problems restricting the development of steel structure office buildings, to some extent, it also reflects many problems in the development of steel structures, in terms of economic policies;
        1. Multi-use steel, more use of steel structure is a strategic national policy for resource utilization, and expenditure should be encouraged and strengthened. However, the short-term benefit return of the enterprise is not, and it is difficult to get the promotion and application.
        2. The concept of long-term planned economy is backward, the refinement of products is not enough, and the added value and strengthened development are strengthened. The foundations that support the steel structure are far from strong enough.

        3. The largest market, that is, the construction industry is relatively backward, there are too many interested parties in the development of housing construction, and the design and use are deepening, but the protection of rights, responsibilities and private rights is not enough. Finally, the rapid development of the steel structure industry is conducive to the stable development of the national economy, we hope that steel suppliers, steel companies and steel structure manufacturing enterprises will jointly form an industrial alliance to jointly make the steel structure industry bigger and stronger, and the manufacturing industry will be strong, and the country will be strong.

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