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        China Steel Miles charity was officially launched

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        China's steel Miles charity was officially launched
        Constructed by the Beijing Construction Engineering Steel Materials Association Branch (hereinafter referred to as the North CISA), China's steel Wide Web hosting, Chen Yang Industry & Trade Group Co., Ltd. Hebei exclusive title, the theme of "Green our dream, my first Steel "and" Chen Yang · China's steel Miles "press conference and Shandong stop launching ceremony was successfully held in Beijing Purple Hotel.

        In recent years, a strong proponent of building a harmonious society, the development of "land-efficient" build, promote home industry, making green energy home built in Foshan Steel ushered in the spring of development. According to the State Council issued the "green construction action plan" and "circular economy development strategy and action plan recently" requirements, to promote the steel industry and the steel industry is a green shelter each "Steel Man" responsibilities and obligations. In view of this, the North China's steel Steel Association teamed Information Network Proposal "Miles of Steel series of public theme activities." The activities of water paint manufacturing company - Chen Yang Group support.

        Activities aimed at the national steel industry and its upstream and downstream industry chain, successfully launched the "green our dreams, steel my first" green wave, and vigorously promote the construction of an advanced system of its supporting steel products, steel industry to really push the green environmental direction, as well as the National steel industry Association (school / provider) and the National steel Company's downstream strategy to build resource sharing and collaboration platform, forming a grand coalition steel industry, great communication, great collaboration.

        According to organizers, the person in charge, this event will be across Beijing, Hebei, Tianjin, Liaoning, Henan, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Shandong, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Guangdong, Anhui, Fujian, Hubei, Xinjiang, Yunnan and other provinces , autonomous regions and municipalities, including China's Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions. Travel thousands of miles away, which lasted 8-12 months. Tour event will be co-organized municipalities in the steel industry organizations to experts, the media team visited the company, held a small forum, and interspersed with regional steel butt-end forums and other forms of company activities, with famous companies, the company famous for home interviews, "steel Wall" micro-film, "China's steel Miles" documentary, "China's steel Miles report set", "Around the World exhibition of steel" and other forms show Miles exciting journey, showing and vigorously promote human steel steel feelings.

        The activities of China's Steel Association, China's construction [0.33% funding research report] Metal Structure Association Branch steel construction and steel industry organizations nationwide local provincial support. Metal Structure Association of China's construction steel construction branch of the party to defend the president, international collaboration of small and medium companies Liu Liqun Director of the Association, the Beijing Construction Engineering Materials Association president Wang Lichen, vice president of Sun Lili, Secretary-General Ban memo, Beijing Construction Engineering materials Association branch president steel construction multi-hop Gang, Secretary General steel industry Association, Zhejiang Province, Zhang Kai, sound, Guangdong steel Association statistics Raymond Wong, president of the Association of Sichuan Province Xing yuan metal structure, built in Chengdu metal Structure Association deputy Secretary-General Wangliang Yuan, deputy secretary general of the Shanghai metal Structure Association Chenrong Lin, Fujian Province, the construction of metal structures and building materials industry association Branch Secretary Lin Hui Min, Secretary General steel Association Yinpei Xian, Anhui, Henan steel Association Secretary General Wei Qun, Tianjin Institute of Steel Managing deputy Secretary-General Jia Li, chairman of Shaanxi Province, construction equipment and doors Association Zhao-Quan, Secretary-General of Civil Engineering Institute of Shanxi Province, shi Yanqing spatial structure of the Professional Committee, deputy secretary general of the Association of Liaoning Province Zhou Yuping construction of metal structures, built in Dalian steel industry Association deputy Secretary-General structure Branch Secretary Shaw should be fun, Hengshui City Tower Chamber of Commerce president Wang Changchun and other association leaders, Xue hair bow Xiaoyun, WANG Ming-gui, Zhang Yuefeng, Liu capable, high is the community, 阮新偉 renowned industry experts, as well as multi-dimensional AGL, live in total steel structure, built in the Beijing Steel Company, the first Kerry Steel, sworn Steel, Steel and other companies on behalf of the dragon, more than 50 media representatives and more than 100 people attended the press conference.

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