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        January-October Ha transportation projects invested 8.8 billion investment by the end of T4 Terminal

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        January to October this year, the 36 key projects of transport infrastructure investment 8.8 billion yuan to complete 86% of the annual investment plan, including Xiamen Railway Station renovation and expansion, change the line of State Road 324 (Phoenix South - jiaomei segment), Haicang tunnel junction and other 12 projects have been exceeding the annual investment plan.

        With the rapid economic development in Xiamen city vehicles increasing. To improve urban capacity, ease traffic congestion, facilitate the public transport travel, raising the city livable degrees, the city transportation infrastructure to expedite the implementation of key projects.

        Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the city focused on Office official told reporters, this year, the city mainly from three aspects, to promote transportation projects.

        One is to accelerate the project preparatory work. Tongan Road (New Road with - CAS Avenue segment) through high-speed rail nodes under the program has been reviewed, beneath the high-speed program has been reviewed; Xiang'an Airport Express to complete the construction of the southern section channel program design reviews; use clinics moved north EMU Kerb build both the Tongan Xiamen passenger land acquisition has been completed pre-announcement.

        Second, focus on promoting projects. The total investment of 23.2 billion yuan Rail Transit Line to continue to carry out the full range of 23 stations (Xiamen North Station is already built station) construction enclosure, containment structures and earthwork excavation and construction, seven stations into the construction of the main structure; Cheng - Set interval left and right line tunneling shield machine accumulated nearly 300 meters.

        The third is to promote the railway, aviation hub station construction. Xiamen Railway Station expansion project total investment of 3.1 billion yuan in the construction of the building are stepping up efforts to ensure that in January 2015 and put into use; Takasaki total investment of 7 billion yuan of three T4 airport terminal, airport logistics center main project has been basically completed .

        Takasaki Airport Terminal T4 is expected to put into use by the end of

        Xiamen Airport Terminal T4 program recently entered the acceptance stage, is expected to put into use by the end of the service the domestic airline operations Xiamen Airlines, China Southern Airlines, inter alia, and to achieve a true "double floor running."

        T4 Terminal namely Terminal, the building's construction Tower IV Xiamen airport, effectively compensate for the current Airport T3 (including T2 seat floor renovation and expansion of the far post, T3 main building has been demolished .T1 used for other purposes) Reception insufficient capacity situation, make Xiamen airport apron area of about 810,000 square meters, 90 parking bays, the annual passenger handling capacity increased to 27 million passengers or more (single runway airport throughput limit), you can support the 2020 Xiamen Cheung Ann put into use before the new airport.

        Reporters on the scene yesterday, T4 Terminal refers Gallery, Main Terminal have been basically completed in two parts, consisting of an "L" shaped building, at the same time, the terminal road network, parking lot construction also ending. Enter the terminal interior, interior works are completed, the project completion and acceptance of fire inspection and were arranged in recent days, everything goes well, T4 terminal end of the year will be able to schedule put into use.

        T4 Terminal 39 meters high roof and steel horizontal projection of 251.7 meters long from east to west, north-south width of 136 meters maximum. Its construction incorporates many features. For example, with reference to the roof structure roof of traditional Chinese wooden building, the warped roof elements Taiwanese architecture makes it far looks like "Dapeng wings," while the use of large area surrounded by glass walls, with a total area of 40,000 square meters , the building is surrounded by transparent, well-lit. In addition, referring to gallery ceiling using a "perforated blinds", with golden ceiling, that is light and spacious but also modern.

        T4 terminal of internal functional areas are more open, friendly, departure level, the huge passenger buffers allow the various functional areas at a glance, more atmospheric than the T3 terminal. After put into use, the starting layer features 30 check-in counters, 16 self-service, 15 security channels, fast boarding passenger service. It is worth mentioning that, T4 uses a 12 "scissor" boarding bridge, the passengers off the plane, "prevails" to improve the operational efficiency of the terminal building.

        Airport introduced, after the end of "double floor Run", Xiamen Airport T3 operators Xiamen Airlines, China Southern Airlines and foreign airline flights, T4 terminal operators Shandong Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Hainan Airlines, Spring, Air China and other airlines on domestic routes . Two terminal passenger throughput considerably, both to enhance the passenger terminal comfort, but also the associated processes more smoothly.

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