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        How does the steel staircase work?

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        Foshan steel staircase is a kind of staircase which is easy to install, with many shapes and strong firmness. Steel staircase has small footprint, diverse shapes and strong practicability. It is a kind of stairs suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. The construction technology of the steel staircase is also different from the other staircase construction technology. Today, let's give a brief introduction to some construction methods about the staircase of steel structure in Foshan.
        1. design, according to the design drawings to carry out the construction, the actual indoor structure should be consistent with the design drawings.
        2. prepare steel structure staircase materials, construction tools, and by the way, you can prepare some spare materials.
        3. during construction, the key pivots should be marked at the scene, and then the line should be placed to determine the size of the embedded position.
        4. handle the impurity on the wall, mark the mark, drill the hole and fix it firmly.
        5. then install the steel structure according to the position and embedded steel structure. After installation, rust proof treatment of steel staircase should be carried out.
        Foshan steel structure staircase installation is very convenient, as long as the surface of rust treatment dry, can be used, greatly shorten the time of construction, and the appearance is very elegant and generous.
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