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        How should the steel structure attic be installed?

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        With the continuous development of steel structure, steel structure has gradually developed in factories, commercial building, schools, villas and other buildings, because the advantages of easy installation, short time, cheap and so on are gradually replaced by traditional construction and installation methods. Foshan steel structure loft is also developing rapidly in recent years. It occupies a small area and can be applied to a large space. So how should the steel structure attic be installed?
        1., combined with the original design, we should design the link position and way of steel structure, and not destroy the original structure.
        2. in the process of installation and decoration, minimize damage to steel structures.
        3. in the installation process of the attic, must be force uniform, in the design of the road should be clear in the transmission line, the use of professional knowledge to analyze and calculate, to ensure the final visual performance.
        When installing the steel loft in Foshan, it is necessary to ensure the comfort of the whole structure and truly achieve the effect of good quality and low cost.
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