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        What are the advantages of steel structure shed compared with other sheds?

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        Now the parking problem is a headache for many people. Most of the time, not only shopping malls need parking lots, but also many units need parking sheds to provide convenient parking for employees. Steel structure shed is a popular parking shed now. Let's take a look at the advantages of steel structure shed compared with other sheds.

        1. Structure determines effect. The craft shed has a beautiful, simple and generous visual effect. Each span is independent and interconnected to maximize application space. Reasonable channels also make it more convenient to pick up the car.

        2. High strength bolt connection greatly improves the safety performance of aluminum alloy greenhouse. The deformation caused by welding is greatly reduced. It also makes the antirust treatment of welding seam not in place. Moreover, times and enterprises are changing. It is possible that due to the consideration of the development in a few years, the available land will be re planned, so all or part of the car shed with flexible connection can be removed, and there will never be a pile of scrap iron cutting, saving the follow-up cost for customers.

        3. Steel structure roofing materials: commonly used roofing materials include sunlight board, colored steel tile, tension film, PC board, etc., which can be selected in a variety of colors according to the requirements of customers (or customized according to the color and size on site).

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