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        How to solve the water leakage in the steel structure workshop?

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        How to solve the water leakage in the steel structure workshop?

        The slope of steel roofs is usually small, usually less than 6%. The roof leakage of this steel structure building structure is more common in the rainwater area in the south central part. At the joint of the roof, there is a large area of water leakage, and the daylighting window and drip are very large. The reason is that water leakage is mainly caused by self tapping screws, lap joints of color steel plates, roof ridge tiles, rivets, deformation of color steel plates caused by people on the roof and falling off of rainproof glue on decorative parts, such as daylighting windows.

        1. Roof air floor location

        The main reason for water leakage is that there is no foam plug under the edge of the joint between the building and the steel roof of Shanghai, and no cement or silica gel is placed at the vertical overlap of the edges. The external roof panel of steel structure building is not electroplated at the junction of aircraft building; The opening of the structural pillar of the aircraft building is not waterproof, and there is a hidden danger of water leakage in the production and installation of the air tower itself.

        The solution is to place foam plug before installing the edge, and use cement or suture to fix the longitudinal lap of the plug. Before installing the gas tower, the top plate must be installed first; The Construction Party of the gas tower must carry out waterproof treatment after the completion of the gas tower structure, and check the installation quality and waterproof performance of the gas tower building.

        2. Canopy part

        The main causes of water leakage in this part are: improper treatment of the connection 151 between the canopy and the auxiliary house; According to the design requirements, there is no plug between the awning and the outer wall, or does not extend into the outer wall panel. The solution is that the connection 151 between the awning and the auxiliary house must be overlapped and waterproof. Under normal circumstances, the submerged edge of the canopy shall enter the exterior wall panel. In order to facilitate the installation and construction of steel structures in Shanghai, flood water shall be collected. The edge can also be directly against the outer wall of the wall, but a plug must be placed and the gap must be sealed with silica gel.

        3. Connection between brick wall and light steel roof

        This part is easy to form the hidden danger of water leakage, and the connection between Shanghai steel structure roof panel and cement wall will also leak. The main reason is that the stress is not synchronized, which will lead to cracking and leakage of silicone adhesive and bonding surface. Solution: to prevent temperature deformation, please use two kinds of edge receiving connection processing; When connecting with the brick wall, the closing edge shall have a certain angle and be completely sealed. When sealing the edge, sealant shall be applied in advance.

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