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        Seven construction processes of steel structure workshop

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        The main process flow of steel structure plant construction is as follows:

        1. Construction setting out. According to the design requirements and drawing requirements, use theodolite and level for positioning. After determining the axis and elevation, confirm the position of steel frame footing.

        2. Foundation embedded parts. Before foundation concrete pouring, the embedded bolts shall be fixed according to the size, and the embedded bolts shall be wrapped in advance to avoid pollution during concrete pouring. After the completion of concrete pouring, the concrete residue at the embedded anchor rod and screw port shall be cleaned in time.

        3. Steel column hoisting. First, confirm the position of component lifting points and take protective measures. After lifting the steel column, align it close to the anchor bolt, align the mounting hole with the bolt, and then slowly put down the hook. After initial calibration, tighten the bolts.

        4. Steel beam installation. After the steel column is rechecked, the steel beam shall be lifted and bound symmetrically at two points. When the datum face of steel beam and steel column is on time, butt joint adjustment and correction shall be carried out, and then fixed and connected.

        5. Purlin installation. The purlin generally adopts the method of one hook and multiple lifting. The error is adjusted by moving the sample bar back and forth along the purlin, tightening and loosening the bolts, and finally fixed with bolts for correction.

        6. Install wallboard. Start at the gable at one end and move on to the other. At the initial stage of construction, the operation platform shall be used for transition to ensure that the top plate is parallel and installed vertically through stay wire. It is best to form at one time and handle it with care to avoid scratching.

        7. Workshop painting. First remove the stains on the metal surface, and then apply antirust paint. After the antirust paint is dry, start puttying. After the putty is completely dry, it shall be polished and leveled. Finally, apply anti phosphating primer.

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