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        steel construction norms basic provisions

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        Guangzhou Steel tells you: steel construction norms basic provisions

        1, Guangzhou steel construction units should have the appropriate construction qualification steel works and should have the safety, quality and environmental management systems.
        2, before the implementation of Guangzhou Steel Engineering, construction design and construction units should have been technical director for approval, instead of supporting the special construction program and other technical documents, submitted in accordance with relevant provisions of the supervising engineer or owner's representative. Important steel structure engineering construction technology solutions and security contingency plans, should organize experts.
        3, technical documentation and contract technical documents Guangzhou steel construction, the construction quality requirements of the specification and no less than the current national standard "Steel Construction Quality Acceptance" GB50205. The relevant provisions.
        4, steel structure engineering and installation shall meet the requirements of the design and construction plans. Construction unit should design documents review process. When you need to modify the design, it should obtain the consent of the original design units and design changes should go through the relevant documents.
        5, steel construction and quality acceptance, should be valid measurement instruments. Professional construction units and supervision units should be unified measurement standards.
        6, Guangzhou Steel construction machinery and special tools shall meet the construction requirements and the test should be qualified within the validity period.
        7, Guangzhou steel construction the following shall apply quality control process:
        (1) raw materials and finished products for site acceptance. Where safety-related functions of raw materials and semi-finished products, according to the relevant provisions of the retest, witness sampling, sample delivery.
        (2) The process according to the construction requirements for quality control process, the implementation process inspection.
        Handover test between (3) related to the professional trades.
        (4) hidden project quality and acceptance prior to closing.
        8, the new technology not covered by this specification, new technology, new materials and new structures, should be tested for the first time, and shall determine the criteria must be supplemented in accordance with the test results and shall be approved by experts.

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