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        Steel stadiums

        Steel stadiums




        Steel Stadium

        1.Steel structure Gym

        Sports and physical exercise building. Stadium by the use of nature can be divided two types of competition hall and museum practice; Press sport can be divided into basketball hall, ice hockey hall, athletics hall, etc.; according to body size can be divided into large, medium and small, generally divided by the number of seats the audience, China is now the auditorium over 8000 known large stadium, less than 3000's called small stadium, called in between medium-sized gymnasium.



        2.Product Detail information

        EPS sandwich panel takes the color steel plates as surface layer, the flame-resistant polystyrene foam board as core material, the polyurethane as plastering agent. The panel is formed by continuous heat and compression, synchronous scale and cut. The performance in heat reserve and heat insulation is excellent
        The sandwich panel is fixed by the connection and the purlin, then the whole integrative rigidity will be enhanced higher, the whole roof and the wall panels will be enhanced to work well

        2)PU Sandwich Panel
        Polyurethane panel takes the polyurethane as core material. Except having the same characteristics of the EPS sandwich panel, the Pu sandwich panel possesses the features of being nonflammable, wide range of service temperatures. The core material application temperature is -196℃~+130℃, the instant service temperature reaches +200℃. When used in low temperature environment, PU sandwich panel is small shrinkage and non-brittle. Therefore, it is the ideal constructive heat-insulating material for cold storage. Except that, PU sandwich panel has the advantages of being of non-toxic, non-corrosiveness, stable heat conductivity. The panel is extensively used as roof tile, wall body, ceiling and partition wall of steel structure workshop and prefabricated house.


        3.Product details

        Main structure Steel Welded H Section
        Purlin C Section Channel or Z Section Channel
        Roof Cladding Sandwich Panel or Corrugated Steel Sheet with Fiber Glass Wool Coil
        Wall Cladding Sandwich Panel or Corrugated Steel Sheet
        Tie Rod Circular Steel Tube
        Brace Round Bar
        Column & Transverse Brace Angle Steel or H Section Steel or Steel Pipe
        Knee Brace Angle Steel
        Roof Gutter Color Steel Sheet
        Rainspout PVC Pipe
        Door Sliding Sandwich Panel Door or Metal Door
        Windows PVC/Plastic Steel/Aluminum Alloy Window
        Connecting High Strength Bolts
        Packing Can be loaded into 40ft'GP/HQ/OT, or 20 ft'container.
        Drawing We can make the design and quotation according to your requirement or your drawing



















        Shengbang Steel Structure Co., Ltd. has professional designers who are able to R&D and various houses. Most of them have three years of working experience on steel structure design industry line. Our company adopts many advanced domestic and foreign design software to draw blueprint design, perspective view, construction drawing and detail drawing to meet requirements from different customers. At present, we have designed and produced plenty of foreign steel structure projects successfully and won high praise from overseas customers.

        http://www.sbsprefabhouse.com/cnew/productList.asp?catid=27 http://www.sbsprefabhouse.com/cnew/productList.asp?catid=27

        http://www.sbsprefabhouse.com/cnew/productList.asp?catid=27 http://www.sbsprefabhouse.com/cnew/productList.asp?catid=27



        Steel structure is mainly composed of steel column, steel beam, steel frame and the rigid support and so on, so steel structure component volume is larger, The mainly transportation for export is as follow:

        1). Seaworthy
        In general, after customer order, our engineering technology department design the steel structures will be according to the 40 'HQ and 40' open top container inside size to design the shipment, in most cases, we use 40 'HQ and 40' open top shipping container shipment to pack steel structures.

        2).Package for the steel frame
        If you want to use the 40 HQ container to transportation the whole steel structure product. You can do the steel frame to package ,use the cable wire to fix. But you must paid for the steel frame and baling charges.


        6.Service flow path:

        Discussing Project——Design Plan Drawing——Budget & Quote——Confirm Drawing&Quotation——Sign the Contract——Make the shop Drawing——Manufacturing——Transportation——Shipping——Foundation Ready——Guidance Installation——Finshed Installation



        Contact way

        2)Add:Pingtang Industrial Park, Shipeng Village, Shishan Town, Nanhai District,
        3)Foshan, Guangdong Province, China
        4)Tel:0086-757-63323396/0086-757-18900873268 Fax:0086-757-81196682

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