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        • Address:Pingtang Industrial District, Shipeng Village, Shishan Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City,
        • Phone:0757-81002668/0757-63323396
        • Fax:0757-81196682
        • Contact:梁先生/Mr Leung
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        Prefabricated steel villa

        Prefabricated steel villa

        Place of origin:Guangdong,China
        Model No.:Steel structure
        Price Terms:FOB price
        Payment Terms:By T/T,cash
        Minimum Order:1 set
        Delivery Time:20-45 days
        Brand Name:SBS

        We offer the best value in new housing. Available in a wide variety of sizes, styles.
        Light steel villas are special suitable for the traveling, the industrial or the family use. The beautiful design and high classic material meet the high requirement of the life in mind. We supply the excellent service in design according to the different condition and customer's different requirement. It meets the customer's requirement of easily to assemble, recycle using without any building garbage.

        Quick and easy to assemble
        Dry construction and environmentally friendly.
        Light houses with strength structure
        Excellent capacity of water proof, heat and sound insulation.
        Materials 100% recyclable

        Convenient to take apart and install.
        Dry construction condition; no pollution; no waste.
        During the construction, total saving 1/6 of CO2 Emissions, 1/6 of natural resources, 1/6 of natural energy and 9/10 of water using. Save labor cost on site.
        The building self-weight is only 1/4 of brick-concrete structure.
        Galvanized steel is 100% recyclable.
        Fiber glass insulation filling in the roof is greatly superior to the brick structure on the effect of insulation and soundproof.

        It is produced by injected EPS, PU and rook wool between 2 steel sheets. They have quite good capacity of water proof, moisture proof and heat resistance.
        No pipe exposed. There is enough space between light gauge steel wall and floor to lay all kinds pipelines (wire, telecommunication line, drain, air conditioning ).
        All the parts of steel construction are produced in computer-controlled machines after their statistical calculations are made. The quality control is carried out in each pace of the construction and the margin of error is almost non-existing.
        The original materials used in the steel house models designed in order to achieve your dreams provide an endless aesthetic prosperity.

        We can provide you with a complete set of service from quote, design, manufacture, according to your requirements we can design by your plan, or manufacture by your drawing.
        Our Engineer helps to instruct the installation or we send the Engineer to spot.

        Requirement for quotation:   
        If you really interested, please give me the following information:
        1. Dimension: Length, width, height, eave height, roof pitch, etc.
        2. Doors and windows: Dimension, quantity, where to put them.
        3. Local climate: Wind speed, snow load, etc.
        4. Insulation material: EPS,PU,rock wool,glass wool.
        5. Is there any materials that are not allowed to import into the country where the structure is planning to use?
        6. If you have other requirements, please also inform us.
        7. It's better if you have your own drawings or pictures. Please send them to us.

        Technical data of Steel Prefab Building:

        No Item Technical data
        1 Galvanized steel Q235/Q345
        2 Snow load 1.55kn
        3 Wind load 50m/s
        4 Lifespan 70 years
        5 Anti-seismic 8 degree
        6 Fiber glass insulation Roof
        7 Fiber glass insulation Wall
        8 Window PVC& steel/Aluminium
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