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        Sandwich assembled container house

        Sandwich assembled container house

        Sandwich panel assembled type container house is extensively used in many construction areas. The size of it conforms to the international general container standards. Designed structure and connection details are adapted to hoisting, transportation, fast assembled and reusage. The house is composed of sandwich panel roof, sandwich panel wall body and steel framework. As a result, container house has the features of light construction module versatility. The thermal insulation material as well as heat insulation thickness of roof tile, floor and wall body of container house can be increased and decreased by different usages. The sandwich panel assembled type container house is is excellent in quality and reasonable in price, so that the house is well received by the market.

        The steel framework is welded by square tube, 2.0mm~4.0mm cold rolling bending plate,C section steel and steel rolling. 8 international standard angle fittings are located on the top and bottom base of container house.

        The sanding machine eliminates ash and detritus, clears oil, dirt, oxide coating, rust and paint coating, also removes welding slag, welding splash and soluble salts and so on. The stain removal rank achieves level St2.

        (1) Waterpipes drainage: The drain pipes are hided in the inside of four corners steel columns. The pipes are inserted into the holes of fours corner fittings on the roof, and are connected from roof corner fittings to floor corner fittings.
        (2) Free drainage: The roof of the container house is welded by hermetical steel plates, so it can also be designed into free drainage.

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