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        Steel scaffolding

        Steel scaffolding

        Galvanized scaffolding system  is all-round multi-direcional aluminum alloy scaffold. This system, which is much more flexible than portal frame scaffold, provides access for most maintenance, cleaning and decoration works especially with complicated structure at great heights.

        Features & Benefits
        All-round scaffold
        Multi-directional aluminum alloy scaffold. It is engineered to employ single aluminum tubes without height restriction. This scaffold, which is much more flexible than portal frame scaffold, applies to any height, any venue, any complex engineering condition.

        Easy to handle
        The whole system requires no extra tools or loose fittings for its setup and dismantling. An aerial platform of 20m can be easily assembled by two persons within a short time. The whole process is as easy as toy bricks game.

        Tested Strength and Safety
        With new cold-work technique of inexpand and out-compress, the joints are distributed with 4100-4400kg. Each deck can take 272kg and the complete tower 900kg.

        Scaffold makes a great combination of simplicity and flexibility. It can be designed and assembled in many ways to suit different work environments.

        Long Lifespan
        All Aluminum components are anodized with cast interlocks which provides itself a lifespan of 10 years more.

        It is widely used for the maintenance, repairing and cleaning of.
        1. Subways and Tunnels.
        2. Road and Bridge Constructions.
        3. Airports and Stadiums.
        4. Petrochemical Construction.
        5. Complex Buildings.

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