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        Steel residential building elevator shaft

        Steel residential building elevator shaft

        These steel or aluminum lift shafts are available in a wide range of clours and finishes. There are also multiple cladding options so the lift structure can be built to suit any environment, whatever the style and surroundings.

        As you would expect, our lift structures comply with all Building Regulations and hold all appropriate accreditations.

        These metal lift structures can be quickly and easily installed and are suitable for indoor or exterior use.

        This aluminum lift shaft structure has a load rating up to 480 kg and is suitable both for interior and exterior environments. The shaft structure is constructed of extruded aluminum custom-cut vertical uprights with extruded aluminum adjustable horizontal cross beams.

        The structure is equipped to allow the insertion of various glazing options, aluminum panels, stainless steel sheet panels or honeycomb sandwich panels. A reversible glazing bead allows the glazing or panels to be installed either flush with the interior wall or exterior wall.

        Available with natural anodised finish, NEW silver polished finish or polyester paint in any of the RAL clour range.

        Code Loads(*) Vertical Upright Structural Cross Beams Architectural Cross Beams Adjustable Cross Beams.

        Slim 320Kg 40 *80 40 *114 40 *114 Yes
        Std 320Kg 70 *70 40 *114 40 *114 Yes
        Big 480Kg 100 *100 40 *114 40 *114 Yes

        (*) Loads are only as an example because these values are subject to exposure, seismic activity, lift type and availability of fixing to building.

        Features at a glance: Quick and easy assembly;
        Available in a range of profile sizes;
        Curved profile section vertical upright;
        Interior cladding without double wall;
        Glass, steel and aluminum claddings;
        Special reversible glazing bead;
        Adjustable horizontal beams on all sides;
        Beading gaskets for claddings;
        Full range of accessories;
        Additional interior coverings for cross beams and uprights available;
        Anodised finish;
        Complete range of RAL clours;
        NEW Silver polished finish.

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