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        Commercial advertising Steel Frame

        Commercial advertising Steel Frame

        1. Advertising Billboard Frame Specification:
        1) All the advertising billboard frames are made of Q235 steel;
        2) There are bolted structures, welded structures and bolt ball grid structure;
        3) High strength, sturdy and durable;
        4) Resist wind speed at 150km/h;
        5) High earthquake resistance;
        6) Anti-rust, anti-corrosion surface.The surface can prevent wind abrasion and sustain high temperature.
        7) Service lifetime is 10 years.

        2. Excellent Service:
        1) Each advertising bill board frame would be rechecked by designer to ensure the safety and coordination to different countries' customer;
        2) Provide both standard design and personalized design;
        3) Strict quality supervision during the whole manufacture process;
        4) Provide installation guide by professional engineer.

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